Hi, I'm Zeno

I didn’t set out to make acoustic fingerstyle arrangements of worship songs. Even after finishing my Jazz Guitar degree, I still didn’t make the switch to acoustic fingerstyle.

I only saw the possibilities of the acoustic after watching Tommy Emmanuel live and I then finally switched to acoustic guitar when I got my main acoustic Martin guitar for free. YES you read that right, FREE (long story). I believe it was God’s gift to me and a way of nudging me towards arranging acoustic worship songs. But even then, I didn’t think of arranging Christian songs. 

I only began to arrange worship songs when I was in seminary. I published my first couple of albums while in seminary. Interestingly, I thought that a call to ministry meant I had to give up the guitar even though I already spent a big part of my life honing my guitar skills. I was wrong of course.

It was in seminary that I realized it was a gift God gave me and one that I can use for his glory. I could create arrangements that bring peace to listeners and hopefully point them to the ultimate Creator. I could also teach others so they can use their God-given gifts to bring glory to God.