Guitar courses and interactive TABs for the advancing fingerstyle guitarist

What's Happening November 2018

Goals for November 2018: 1. Finish moving Patrons and then restructure my Patreon page to focus more on supporters and listeners 2. Record Christmas Fingerstyle Hymns 5 videos for YouTube - DONE 3. Sync Fingerstyle Hymns 5 with the TABs, then add to academy - DONE 4. Include the regular...


October 2018 Update

For October 2018, my goals are: 1. Move patrons to the academy. 2. Finish writing and recording Fingerstyle Hymns Volume 5 Christmas Collection 1. 3. Start working on the first webinar. 4. Include the regular arrangement hymns in the courses Other things to improve as I have time or work...


A Focus On Learners

Welcome to Zeno Guitar Academy! This site's main focus is to help people learn fingerstyle.