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O Worship The King

In the last 2 months, I finished arranging and Tabbing out 10 new Simple Fingerstyle Hymns for Volume 6. I already uploaded 1 split-screen video and included it in the Complete Fingerstyle Hymns course. I'll put them on the academy first and then upload the covers later on Youtube. I hope to...


Lots of NEW Materials in June

1. THE COMPLETE FINGERSTYLE HYMNS RESOURCE The first big project is the Complete Fingerstyle Hymns resource. This is the perfect resource for those wanting to learn fingerstyle with a focus on learning the Christian hymns. It combines foundational fingerstyle lessons with all the Simple...


Fingerstyle Hymns + Beginner Lessons

By June, I'll be releasing the Fingerstyle Hymns with a course for beginners. It's basically the Fingerstyle primer plus some more. I'm combining it with the Fingerstyle Hymns. This would be the perfect resource for beginners. I've recorded lectures that talk about the most important ideas for...


What's Happening November 2018

Goals for November 2018: 1. Finish moving Patrons and then restructure my Patreon page to focus more on supporters and listeners 2. Record Christmas Fingerstyle Hymns 5 videos for YouTube - DONE 3. Sync Fingerstyle Hymns 5 with the TABs, then add to academy - DONE 4. Include the regular...


October 2018 Update

For October 2018, my goals are: 1. Move patrons to the academy. 2. Finish writing and recording Fingerstyle Hymns Volume 5 Christmas Collection 1. 3. Start working on the first webinar. 4. Include the regular arrangement hymns in the courses Other things to improve as I have time or work...


A Focus On Learners

Welcome to Zeno Guitar Academy! This site's main focus is to help people learn fingerstyle.