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What is this?

This is a complete resource for learning fingerstyle guitar with a focus on Christian hymns. The first half is a step-by-step beginner course that covers all the basics. The second half contains all of the Simple Fingerstyle Hymns. You'll learn how to play fingerstyle and will have plenty of hymns to learn from. Try the sample TAB at the bottom.

70 Interactive Hymns

You get a growing library of useful hymns. You will learn fingerstyle technique through songs that are useful for church and for personal worship.

Speed up your learning with the "Interactive TABS". These are split-screen videos synced with the TAB/sheet music, showing exactly what both hands are doing. Take advantage of useful features that let you slow down, speed up, or loop specific sections.

Foundational Fingerstyle Course

Don't learn bad habits. Start right. With the foundational course, you get a step-by-step instruction to equip you in your beginning stages so that you don't learn bad habits. This course covers all the necessary basics to get you on the right track.

PDF/MP3 Downloads

Download the materials so you can learn offline. You get everything you need so you can really learn to play your favorite hymns.

Try it! press play, resize the video, slow it down, go full screen, click every button.

Take a look at these comments

"I have to say, to consider all the work that has gone into this product, this is a great deal! I am happy I signed up even though I am unfamiliar with some of the songs. I will learn them in time. Thank you, Zeno"

"So much work went into this production! I love the fact I can slow down areas I need to work on, or speed up areas I am comfortable with. Great job, Zeno! I am so happy to have found you on the web when I did. I am now a devout fan of yours!!!"

- Mike Hathaway

"Your interactive method is so much better than trying to play tab and getting frustrated after a couple of measures. I am using your interactive method with my teacher to help me with technique and to try to master one song a week. Your arrangements are the perfect mix of being playable while sounding professional. One year of access to all your content for under $200 was a great deal. That is less than two month of 30 minutes lessons. Thanks! You provided the direction I needed to want to practice again."

- Dan Weeks

Course Curriculum

  Important! Read and watch this first
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  Foundational Fingerstyle: Song overviews and understanding the how and the why
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days after you enroll
  TAB/Sheet Music Download
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days after you enroll

"I like how even these beginner exercises are fun to practice and sound nice when you play them. It doesn't feel like a chore like some of the other practice routines for my other instruments. Can't wait to see what's next. Thanks Zeno."

- Danny Grimm

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a complete beginner, is this for me?
Yes, this is the perfect resource for you. Even if you know nothing about fingerstyle, you can start with this resource. The courses will start you on the right path and there are enough interactive hymn materials to last you a very long time. The interactive TABs makes learning much easier. You can actually see what my hands are doing and you can even slow it down. It's synced to the TAB/sheet music so you're never confused where you should be on the TAB.
I've been playing guitar for a while but want to learn fingerstyle, would this work for me?
Yes, this will work for you. This resource is specifically focused on teaching fingerstyle guitar technique.
Can't I just buy the TABs separately?
Yes of course. What makes this different is the "Interactive TAB" software that allows you to slow down, speed up, loop sections, and many more features that makes learning faster and more efficient.
Are the materials downloadable?
Yes, the TABs and MP3s are downloadable.
Why hymns only?
I get this question often. If you're not as familiar with the hymns, I understand. The short answer is that it keeps the cost down for my students. Modern songs require licensing that can be expensive. The hymns are public domain which means I can use them without having to purchase licenses for video. The other reason is that I also love the hymns and I have a desire to introduce it to as many people as I can. I think there is a lot we can learn from our Christian heritage. If I can introduce it through fingerstyle, I will do it.
What is the refund policy?
If you're not happy with the course, just let me know within the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund. Please note that after 30 days, I am not able to give a direct refund on this platform. If there are compelling reasons for a refund, I will send it to you some other way -- through zelle, venmo, paypal, or something else. Just send me an email.

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