Just As I Am Interactive TAB

Do you learn faster by watching and hearing exactly how it sounds? If yes, then this interactive TAB is for you.

  • The video is synced with the TAB
  • You see exactly what both the right and left hand are doing
  • You never get lost on where you are on the TAB
  • You can slow down or speed up or loop specific sections
  • Also comes with the TABs in PDF
  • And more!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?
This is the interactive TAB for "Just As I Am". Interactive TABs are feature-rich TABs made to improve learning. The TABs are synced to video with the ability to change the size of the video or TAB, slow down or speed up, loop sections, show guitar fretboard or even piano notes. You can see the marker move and follow the TAB as the video is playing. This also has a split screen video showing exactly what the left and right hands are doing.
Can I print out the TABs?
Yes, I've attached the original PDF TAB. You can also print out the version you made on the interactive TAB. For example, you can just print out the TABs without the chords or music notation.
Why should I use the interactive TABs? Can't I just learn from the PDF file?
The interactive TABs makes learning easier and faster. It's a great tool if you want to save time. You can see exactly what both hands are doing, see where you are on the TAB, slow down or speed up the tempo, loop sections that you're learning, and much more.

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